Social engagement

Agile Inception - a sustainable social concept

Just 15 years ago, hardly anyone knew Scrum & Co. Today, the world’s biggest and most valuable players work with it, as well as small companies in the provinces. If we were able to revolutionize the world of work – how much more is possible with agile principles? We are convinced: Agile provides the values, the attitude and tools with which we can turn the digital, knowledge-based network society into a humane society and stop climate change. That’s why we offer our expertise and look for partner companies working on concrete climate projects. Together we implement them faster with agile principles and work towards the big climate goal: 1.5 degrees.

Book Tip:

Sustainable Management (only avaiable in german)

What used to be sales and profits are now social and ecological aspects:  Acting sustainably is becoming increasingly important for companies. The book is aimed at beginners, sustainability experts and management generalists who want a comprehensive overview of the most important topics and trends in sustainable management.

Boris Gloger contributes to the book with the chapter “Agile Inception – an idea revolutionizes business”.

The operating system of sustainable development is called Agile.


We bring the passion back to the schools.

In many schools, teaching methods like those of the industrialization era are still the order of the day. Frontal teaching instead of real teamwork, boredom instead of enthusiasm. But there is another way: with self-directed learning.

We have initiated Scrum4Schools – a form of learning in which learning teams solve tasks within a fixed rhythm. The teams plan the individual steps completely independently. The teacher merely defines the learning objective and provides advice to the students, who take care of acquiring the knowledge themselves. With Scrum4Schools, the students thus independently take on more responsibility for their learning process. The result is intrinsic motivation, joy, personal growth and better results.

“We still educate students using the methods of industrialization. At the same time, we have the tools to do things differently. So why don’t we just do it?”

Nesthäkchen – IFB-Foundation

For several years, we have been supporting the IFB Foundation, which, among other things, is committed to acceptance and expansion of lived inclusion in society. In addition to monetary donations, the gift of time is particularly important to us. Actions that bring a smile to the faces of people, some of whom are severely disabled, and that teach us humility, gratitude and warmth. Whether beautifying a room in the Nesthäkchen children’s home with painting work or an excursion with residents of the “Villa Brosius” to Frankfurt’s Palm Garden – our volunteer projects are always characterized by joy. 

Waldleos - Forest kindergarten


Playing, muddling and romping around in the fresh air for hours on end – in Mödling near Vienna, this is now possible for children from the age of three. Boris Gloger provided support in advance with a generous financial donation and as part of his volunteer work.