We all know people who are like a walking library. They throw quotes and wisdom about complex topics into the room without any effort at all. You need some info? Boris Gloger can tell you for sure, because he belongs to this special kind of people. The answer to how he gathers all that information is pretty simple: read in every free minute you have! Through all this collected knowledge, Boris approaches problems from different angles to find solutions that work – guaranteed.

With his management consultancy borisgloger consulting he not only supports DAX and ATX companies in agile organizational management, but also drives new ways of working in day-to-day business in his own company. In 2002, he successfully led his first Scrum team at Austria’s ONE (later Orange Austria Telecommunication). Since then, Boris has been instrumental in establishing Scrum as the standard for agile software development in Europe, South Africa and Brazil. He is the author of several reference books on agile and Scrum and has trained more than 5000 managers and teams in Scrum to date.


“The recipe for success: less, but focused work. It’s the only way to stay strong, creative and balanced.”

Boris and Scrum

Boris’ passion for Scrum has its origins in childhood. The library of Wiesbaden, the stories about the famous fireman Red Adair and the Star Trek universe have made a lasting impression on him and have decisively shaped his current understanding of Scrum. You are wondering what a fireman and the Enterprise have to do with agile management? To be honest: a lot. For example, agile principles identify and localize problems in an organization down to the last detail – and thus lean on the Enterprise, which registers its own mistakes. The heroic firefighter faces problems with a cool head and precise actions – a perfect metaphor for Scrum.


Agile values

Courage is the value with which Boris Gloger identifies most. He is not afraid of radical decisions and stands behind his ideas 100 percent. No money in the world would convince him to follow meaningless rules. He believes in Scrum not only because it produces better products, but also because it can transform the workplace into a more humane place.

Boris as father

As a father of two children, Boris has a strong desire to make a positive difference in society. That’s why he is fighting for a radical change in the current education system. Boris Gloger firmly believes that self-organization and the principle of voluntarism are the best ways to achieve goals and lead an independent life. For this reason, he is committed to improving educational opportunities with Scrum4Schools at schools and universities, where children and students work on their own projects using Scrum. Each of these pilot projects has been a success so far.


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