About Boris

Boris Gloger is considered to be one of the most progressive pioneers in the area of management and organization. With his management consulting firm, borisgloger consulting, he has specialized in agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking. As the first Certified Scrum Trainer, this university-educated philosopher has brought Scrum to more than 5000 people since 2004.

Before founding borisgloger consulting GmbH in 2008, Boris worked as a business analyst, team leader, project manager and Scrum consultant for many global companies (such as EDS, Nokia, BenQ). In addition, he has written many books on the topics of Scrum, self-organization and agile management, including his latest books “Scrum: Think big! Scrum for really large projects, many teams and diverse cultures” and “Self-Organization Needs Leadership”.

As a columnist and thought leader on working environments, Boris advances new ways of working through this media discussion. He also invented the “Ball Point Game”, a simulation which utilizes playful methods and is often used to provide teams an introduction to agile methods.